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Is there a way to record iTunes DRM-protection videos on Mac? you to record online movies and radio, capture games, make video tutorials.

StitchBuddy 2. Read and write with embroidery designs.

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Stable Version. Older OS X Features Rotate, flip, move, or delete selected parts or the entire design Resize selected parts or the entire design without adjusting the stitch count Copy and paste to duplicate parts, or to combine different designs Center a design in its hoop Add basting stitches to fix the underlay Change individual thread colors, or replace the entire palette Select from several different manufacturer thread charts Reorder threads and delete color More Version 2.

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Best Embroidery Software for Mac and PC 12222 – Embroidery Digitizing Software Reviews

There are no good auto-digitizing programs for anything more than the simplest art, although it has been attempted by many. If you need a design to sew out, hire a person to digitize the design.

Some information and musings on machine embroidery

Buy Convert It, Mac! When you want to embroider, one of the first steps is finding a design for use in your machine. Without Convert It, Mac your designs have only names. Designs are often released in. ZIP files, which reduce the size of a collection, making it easier to download and duplicate. The problem is that in order to use designs, you have to unzip them. This usually means one of two things; now you have two copies of the designs — somewhere — or you have the knowledge and time to decide whether to keep the unzipped versions, and keep them organized.

Of course, using those designs means unzipping them. Convert designs between most home embroidery machine formats. Convert It, Mac is a seriously good translator for embroidery designs.


It understands virtually every design, and can write at least one format that every machine out there today can understand. Auto Baste will baste the rectangular outline of a design. If you have ever wanted to embroider a towel, you probably floated a layer of water-soluble stabilizer over top of the hoop.

The problem is that this could use some anchoring stitches before the embroidery starts — this prevents the stabilizer from moving around. Later, some machines had the feature built-in. But have you noticed that if the baste is the same size as the design, you can trap some of the basted threads under the design.

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The Auto-Baste solves this by making the baste stitching ever-so-much-bigger than the design. And it is adjustable. Automatically create design notes, including a shopping list for your thread.

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The design size, stitch count, thread usage per color, and more are wonderful information to have. But also, it generates a shopping list for thread; Convert It examines the threads used by the digitizer and matches them in Sulky, RA, Madeira and Isacord. Then it also provides you with the nearest three matches in each of those four brands. Color Sort intelligently reduces the number of times you have to re-thread your machine. The result is the same design with fewer color changes.

EMBRILLIANCE Embroidery Software: Create Word Art into Shapes on a Mac

Mac users have been left out of embroidery for a long time — dating back to the early nineties when Pfaff had a Mac version. Much of the core technology for embroidery formats is Microsoft Windows tm based. In order to create this product, we had to create those technologies on Mac first.

It took our team over two years to make Convert it! In fact, some of the biggest players in the world use our technologies in their PC software! At events with embroiderers we routinely ask who are our Mac users. Naturally the bigger companies feel fine with this. One of the most useful tools has always been conversion and cataloging software. Not everybody needs to edit, but they will need to see their designs so they can select the right one for their machines.

Convert It, Mac is all about enabling embroiderers. This product makes it possible to use your embroidery designs with your Mac and not have to fire up Windows! Those users have been forced to use a PC with other expensive software.

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