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Is there a way to record iTunes DRM-protection videos on Mac? you to record online movies and radio, capture games, make video tutorials.

Square Enix later commented on the situation:. GameStop was not made aware of this inclusion and Square Enix respects the right of GameStop to have final say over the contents of products it sells and to adjust them where they see fit in accordance with their policies. The Director's Cut has the following new features:.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link

This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Video Coffee, Kids, and Games. Plot Themes In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, mankind is freely using cybernetic human augmentations, but it has yet to be determined what their effects on society will eventually be. Story Jensen's near-death experience. Rebuilding Adam The game then switches to Adam's "reconstruction".

Picus News reports on the issues permeating Detroit in Adam infiltrates the Picus News building only to find it deserted. Character descriptions will contain heavy spoilers , proceed with caution. It is unknown who his real parents are, although it's known they were scientists in White Helix laboratories. They died during a fire outbreak there. Adam was, along with Michele Walters, the nurse who saved him, the only survivor of the fire outbreak.

During an incident in Mexicotown, known as the Mexicotown Massacre, Jensen was given an order to open fire on an augmented 15 year old boy who was thought to be a criminal. Jensen refused and later quit the force. Some of the blame for the incident was, unjustly, placed him. Sometime prior to the events in the game, Adam was romantically involved with Megan Reed, the head scientist of neuro-scientific research.

Adam has a close relationship with his employer, David Sarif, the pilot Faridah Malik and a cyber-specialist Francis "Frank" Pritchard. Megan Reed The head of neuro-scientific research, she is one of the scientists who were thought to have been killed during the attack on Sarif research labs. She is an idealist and believes in her work. She was romantically involved with Adam Jensen prior to the game's events.

The nature of their current relationship is unknown, although it seems that they broke up, and that there are still some feelings between them. He believes in technology, especially augmentation as well as hard work. He has a pushy, blunt demeanor, he often shows emotion. He has been known to keep secrets and when Adam confronts him he tries to explain his motives or change the topic. He is a self made man, and his mentor and close friend, Hugh Darrow created human augmentation, which inspired David to start his own company, Sarif Industries.

He choose Adam Jensen to be his security chief, due to Megan Reed's recommendation, although not before running a background check on Jensen. Francis Pritchard Head of cyber-security at Sarif Industries, Francis "Frank" Pritchard helps Adam during his missions via infolink and tends to much of the technological aspects at Sarif headquarters in Detroit.

During the course of the game Frank is portrayed as a smart mouth, he often shows contempt towards Adam, but nearing the end of the game he expresses greater care for Adam's well being. The relationship between Adam and Frank starts off with contempt, but during the course of the game they both find an appreciation for each other, which evolves into friendship.

Hugh Darrow The father of human augmentations, and a close friend and mentor to David Sarif, he is a man in his mid 60s. Hugh Darrow is recognized by many to be the father of mechanical augmentations, he himself however possess no augmentations as he's genetics are not compatible with them. Despite creating augmentations, sometime during his life he has lost all faith in his creation. Near the end of the game he activates a kill switch built into all augs making them go insane. When Adam Jensen confronts him he explains the reasons for his actions.

William Taggart The founder of Humanity Front, an anti-augmentations organization, prior to this role he was a psychologists, and he uses his medical training to "read" people when talking to them. He is hated by David Sarif as well as most of his employes. Unknown to most, Bill Taggart is actually a member of the Illuminati, and he seeks more control, both over mechanical augmentation distribution and for the Illuminati.

Should Adam choose to broadcast Taggart's message in the ending, Illuminati will control the world behind the scenes, and augmentation will be heavily controlled and distributed. However, underneath that image, she is a ruthless person, who cares only for power. She ran many of her competitors to the ground, usually by illegal means. She seems to have a low opinion of men, as shown during Adam Jansen's first confrontation with her. Sarif seems to be her main competitor. She had knowledge of the Sarif scientist kidnappings and seems to be working for the Illuminati.

She has an insatiable hunger for power and perfection, and she'll be the last boss Adam Jensen fights, during the Panachea mission as she will try to control the Hyperion AI. Faridah Malik A pilot in the employ of Sarif Industries, she will transport Jensen to most of his mission locations. She cares about justice, as shown during the secondary missions she gives to Jensen.

Judging by her name she seems to be of Middle Eastern descent. She will be killed during her second fly mission in China, unless Adam takes care of the mercenaries attacking her chopper, in which case she will return and help Adam rescue the kidnapped scientists. Should Jensen make his way to the elevator before helping Faridah, a mercenary will pull her out the chopper and execute her. Eliza Cassan Is a celebrity media figure, who is later revealed to be an advanced AI, that spins stories, she has a pivotal role during the end of the game, as she allows Adam to make his choice.

She finds Adam intriguing and has been following him since the attack on Sarif Industries. Her advanced AI seems to have granted her the ability to feel and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, as she helps Adam throughout the game. Isaias Sandoval An accomplished surgeon and lobbyist, he is Bill Taggart's second in command. He helps the kidnappers who kidnapped Sarif scientists and feels deep remorse for his actions. He has low self esteem, and will attempt to kill himself unless Adam convinces him not to. He is a husband and a father of three children, this fact allows Jensen to persuade him from killing himself.

He seems to be of Latin-American descent. Ezekiel Sanders Isaias Sandoval's brother, and anti-augmentation extremist, he is the leader of Purity First, an organization that many believe is a terrorist organization. Adam Jensen will run into him early in the game, and he'll have to persuade him to let a hostage go. Ezekiel is also a veteran marine who has fought in two wars. Ironically, Zeke was augmented before becoming an anti-augmentation terrorist, by his own words he ripped out his augmentations. If the players ordered the pre-order edition, they will have an extra mission in which Adam must rescue Tracer from Belltower.

During the rescue Adam Jensen will tell Tong: "The more power you think you have, the more quickly it slips from your hands. Denton, the protagonist of the original game, in Organizations There are many organizations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution: companies, secret societies, mercenaries, industries. Sarif Industries A biotechnology and mechanical augmentation company, founded in by David Sarif.

Humanity Front An anti-augmentation organization, it was founded by William Taggart. Purity First Purity first is an extremist organization dedicated to removal of augmentations. LIMB LIMB Liberty in Mind and Body International is a pro-augmentation organization that has clinics all over the world, with the aim of helping augmented humans as well as preforming surgery and adding augmentations. Illuminati Illuminati, as a secret organization, has been present in every Deus Ex game. Gameplay Augmentations Augmentation menu At the heart of Human Revolution's gameplay is the augmentation system, that allows players to modify Jensen to suit any playstyle.

These are categorized based on bodily regions, with various attachments possible within each category: Cranium Augmentations Social Enhancer: Allows Jensen to read other people's reactions and even influence them. Radar System: Track enemy and friendly troops, turrets, cameras and robots. Hacking - Capture: Increases the hacking skills and the ability to take over turrets and bots.

Hacking - Analyze: Allows Jensen to analyze a node during hacking, before committing to it. Hacking - Stealth: Reduces the chance of detection with each rank. Typhoon Explosive System: Launches mini-explosives in a small, degree radius around Jensen Arm Augmentations Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis: Allows Jensen to lift heavier items, increases inventory space and reduces recoil. Aim Stabilizer: Reduces movement-induced reticule growth.

Retinal Prosthesis: Primary HUD, which tracks enemy alert cooldown and protects against concussion grenades at higher ranks. Can also protect against electricity and EMP. Weapon Selection Players have the option to choose from an assortment of weapons, highlighting the ability to combat enemies with lethal or non-lethal force: Handguns : Diamond Back. Hacking Hacking is a multi-node process Hacking is a big part of Human Revolution's gameplay as it can helps avoid combat by opening alternate routes.

This conversation takes place inside Det. Alex Murphy's office, and they openly acknowledge the similarities with Jensen's experiences upon his entrance to the room. An excerpt from the email states "Your pene. Room numbering - When searching for Eliza Cassan, Pritchard sends you to room Needless to say, you do not find Eliza there.

The second room is , a reference to the networking standard IEE When asked why they had done this, GameStop answered: We pulled the coupons because, like all retailers, we prefer not to promote our competitors and their competing offerings and services in our stores. Square Enix later commented on the situation: GameStop was not made aware of this inclusion and Square Enix respects the right of GameStop to have final say over the contents of products it sells and to adjust them where they see fit in accordance with their policies.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut sneaks onto Mac

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Use your keyboard! Adam Jensen. The protagonist. With Burke's spare retinal prosthesis , and Quinn's technical expertise, Adam is able to gain access to a concealed elevator that takes him to a massive undersea research facility. He confronts Kavanagh who, already having misgivings about the inhumane nature of the research, agrees to turn informant. Burke discovers Keitner's mutiny, and she is killed by his soldiers.

Burke then initiates "Code Yellow": pumping toxic gas into both the detention camp and the research facility to eliminate any witnesses. Adam can either redirect the gas to save either Kavanagh or the prisoners, find and sabotage the gas distributor to save everyone, or simply do nothing and allow both parties to be killed.

Adam then backtracks through the base and confronts Burke, who can be either killed or incapacitated. Adam is then contacted by the hacker, who informs him that another ship is about to depart to Reed's location. He then reveals himself as both "Quinn" and Keitner's Interpol contact. He explained that he was withholding the truth from both Jensen and Keitner to use them as pawns against Belltower, and by extension, the Illuminati. Quinn, after commenting on Adam's actions, places him in a new cryosleep pod. The pod is delivered via helicopter onto the departing ship, while Quinn contacts the mysterious hacker "Janus", informing him of the success of the operation and debating Adam's future potential in combating the Illuminati.

Downloadable content DLC was initially not part of the development team's plans.

The Missing Link began development later in development, when the main game's visual theme had been finalized. Only the core developers were involved in creating The Missing Link , though development on the DLC did not take a high priority for some time as it would take resources away from the development of Human Revolution. He wanted to include music from the DLC in the game's official soundtrack , but recording for the release was already complete, and scheduling conflicts prevented him from including any music in the soundtrack.

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Despite this, he still wished to release the DLC soundtrack. Full focus shifted onto The Missing Link when development ended on Human Revolution , with the main game's staff bringing their experience to bear upon the DLC when building its environments. The story was designed so that it would not spoil the events of the main narrative, but instead be a self-contained experience that would provide more context to the setting.

The game's title referred to both its status as filling a narrative gap, and an in-game plot element. This was due to technical problems related to the improvement work at transitioning from one to the other at its chronological point: the higher detail and polish would have made the experience jarring for players. The Missing Link provided an opportunity for improving the visuals and gameplay.

The visuals were given more contrast, so objects stood out more. Improvements to the lighting was a major focus for the team. The game's engine was also improved, along with character animations and facial movement. Due to the relatively small size of the DLC environment, developers did not need to focus on a raised concern in the main game about repeating character faces and voices. Chatty threads, do whatevs. Hey Xav , can the DLC be played inline with the main game, or is it only a standalone adventure? Oh by the way, Jensen, I know you have went through a lot of physical changes of late, but you didn't become a woman.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut available as cheap upgrade to PC version

Stay out of the ladies restroom. More eyes on it we get, the more we can convince the bosses this kind of content is killer and worth doing! From the video, was it always possible to deactivate the laser beams by dragging a body over? I mean, it totally makes sense, but I never thought to do it.