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Is there a way to record iTunes DRM-protection videos on Mac? you to record online movies and radio, capture games, make video tutorials.

You can substitute wget for the package you want to uninstall. The image below shows the output of using brew search. A more practical usage of the brew search command is to use a more refined query. For example, if you are are interested in installing Apache Spark, you can use the command below to see if there is a Apache Spark package to install. From the image above, there is a potential Apache Spark package called apache-spark that might be useful to install. It might be be helpful to get more information on apache-spark which is where the command brew info comes in handy.

The command brew info is really useful to get more information on a package and to see the requirements of a package. Notice that it lists that this package requires java version 1. The next section goes into more detail on how to install Apache Spark. You will often find that Homebrew can be used to assist you in working with other technologies. This section includes two examples on how to use Homebrew for data science:. Homebrew can be used to install other technologies like Apache Spark.

How to Install Homebrew on Mac

Apache Spark is not the easiest to install, but Homebrew makes it easier. The steps below go over how to install Apache Spark using Homebrew. Look for more information about the apache-spark to see if you have all the necessary dependencies. You can type the command below to see if you have Java.

It is important to note that if you have an older version of Java, you will need to upgrade. You can install Java using Cask. Cask is an extension to brew that allows management of graphical applications through the Cask project. Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. In data science, one use of Graphviz is to visualize decision trees you can learn about decision trees here.

The python code below fits a decision tree on the famous Iris Dataset and exports a dot file decisionTree. The second line offers a more detailed description of the update, including the version number usually in brackets and the download file size in kilobytes. So for example: softwareupdate --install 'macOS High Sierra If present, they also need to be included within the quotes. Moving on, to download a specific update for your system without also installing it then and there, you can use: softwareupdate -d NAME Updates downloaded in this way can be subsequently installed with the same -i or --install command above, or even through the Mac App Store.

You'll need to use the --install command or visit the Mac App Store to actually initiate the install. Lastly, to download and install all available updates for your system, type the command: softwareupdate -i -a Using these commands, you'll be able to leave the update to download and continue to install in the background while you get on with other things. All being well, Terminal will eventually prompt you to restart your machine manually so that the full installation procedure can complete.

Note that the softwareupdate utility requires admin authentication for all commands except the -l or -list command. If you run softwareupdate as a normal admin user, you will be prompted for a password where required. As some users will no doubt be aware, there are several additional options that can be used in conjunction with the softwareupdate utility. More adventurous readers can use man softwareupdate and softwareupdate -h for a summary list of commands. Top Rated Comments View all. As a software engineer I'm always amazed that there are people who are so CLI-phobic.

Neither does the terminal for that matter. They are both human user interfaces to communicate with the machine OS. The difference is the CLI typically provides more options and is more concise in how you do things. Given the time and resources to create a GUI there are often compromises made to get the basic functionality without providing all of the options. Lots of money allowed Apple to create better than average GUI apps and interfaces. There is little magic in the Darwin OS itself.

What Is Homebrew?

I just stick with "sudo softwareupdate -ia" for all my updates these days. That has never caught me up in any errors, and always works. Apple has a pretty comprehensive set of commmand line tools that it seems like nobody ever talks about. But these days the Apple UI is getting so bad, that I have started using the command line more and more. I have to agree with the article, the App Store app sucks.

When it was just the software update app it seemed to work just fine. But the App Store app UI is usually out of sync with what is actually happening.

The missing package manager for macOS (or Linux) — Homebrew

If you are like me, when its time to install updates, I want them installed now, not sometime in the future when the App Store app feels like. Usually, I have made extra backups and cleaned everything up, before installing. After the update I check a number of things to make sure they are not hosed. Not any more. Apple has, by its actions, lost my trust. Today I won't install any update until after its been out for weeks, if not longer.

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