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Is there a way to record iTunes DRM-protection videos on Mac? you to record online movies and radio, capture games, make video tutorials.

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Technical specification. Description Reviews 0. Once in the shredder, the material is quickly pulverized, reducing leaves up to 8 to 1! The shredded and chipped material will make great mulch or compost! Plastic Fuel Can.

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Add to Wish List. It chugs and vibrates some as would be expected from a small one cylinder 4 stroke engine. I'm familiar with this, again with my outboard. It prefers alcohol free gas if at all possible. Read my article about alcohol in fuel and small engines I wrote this mostly in relation to outboards but it applies here too. There are zillions of these little useful utility motors and I don't suppose it will be difficult to find parts or replace the motor if I even need to have it serviced.

Mighty Mac SC800EX Hammermill Petrol Chipper Shredder

Vibration is a problem that is often mentioned in shredder-chipper reviews and many people have complained that their machines have vibrated themselves apart. I have not had any trouble with the nuts coming undone because the chipper seems to be put together with nylocks, nuts with nylon inserts that lock the fastener and helps prevent unfastening by vibration.

There are 2 mechanisms that cut and shred. On the left you can see 4 of the 8 hammers that rotate and flop around. This quickly shreds any material put through the hopper.

Mighty Mac, Woodsman, LSCEX, Chipper Shredder

There is also a chopping blade for the chipper part when a piece of wood is fed through the side chute. When a handful of leaves is put into the hopper, the rotating hammers essentially shred the material until it is small enough to pass through the holes of the bottom plate. The smaller the holes the smaller the pieces have to be to get through. The leaves just rotate and get hammered till the pieces are small enough to get out. By using various sized plates, material can be kept quite coarse or can be hammered very small.

If I wanted smaller pieces I would need to install a plate with smaller holes. The smaller the holes the easier it is to clog though. The adjustable guard plate helps direct where the stuff is thrown as it comes out of the shredder.

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So far I have used this chipper-shredder to shred dry and wet leaves, small twigs and thick bark, I have chipped branches and I have shredded extremely wet material from the garden cleanup including large artichoke branches, sunflower stems and tomato vines. Small evergreen branches and twigs go through the hopper and come out with short branches which can be several inches long but thin. By putting them through a second or third time the size becomes smaller each time. Corn and sunflower stalks do the same.

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Longer thin strands which can easily be put through again. Leaves go through extremely well. It is important to feed slowly otherwise they bunch up in the hopper and you have to push stuff and untangle the material.

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By slowly feeding the leaves they can shred and come out properly without jamming. I have shredded both very wet and very dry leaves with no problem. My leaves are hardwood leaves. I don't know if it makes any difference. I have also chipped small branches of less than 2 inches through the chipper feeding tube with no problem at all.

The resulting mulch comes out looking much like the leaves but thicker pieces. No branches or longer pieces are produced by the side chipper. I found that it worked very well. I don't plan to chip much larger branches because larger branches can be cut and actually used in the fireplace. The motor slowed down in the larger pieces so I think it would not be very fast.

Mighty Mac

When I shredded really wet garden waste I found that the material stuck to the plate with holes and eventually clogged the holes. I removed the plate and the stalks went through with no problems. Both the grate with holes and the safety plate at the front are easy to remove. A cotterpin holds a large metal bar that can easily slipped out.

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