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Fast Answers! Paragraph Apr 09, Positive the configs are identical? I'd double check everything again, just to be sure. Also, is there anything else on that vLAN? Was this helpful? Thai Pepper. What are both devices?

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See all 7 answers. Popular Topics in HP Hardware. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Jay Jan 24, at UTC.

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Dragos Jan 24, at UTC. Rob, The default behaviour for switches is to have an aging of seconds for each entry into the MAC address table of the switch. I hope it helps, Regards,.

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Jay wrote: Switches will normally clear out the MAC addresses on a reboot. If the switch has the functionality, then from the CLI it should just be clear arp -Jay. Dragos Jan 28, at UTC. Rob, I'm glad that doing a full scan cleared most of your errors, as I told you in my previous post. Dragos wrote: Rob, I'm glad that doing a full scan cleared most of your errors, as I told you in my previous post. Regards, Thanks for the feedback.

You can initiate one download request at a time. Any previous download is deleted before generating a new one. The downloaded file is in a compressed CSV file format so that you can manipulate the data using software of your choice, such as Microsoft Excel.

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Prerequisites Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Network administrator Viewing MAC addresses on a logical interconnect From the main menu, select Logical Interconnects. Select MAC Addresses from the view selector. The MAC address table loads and then the first entries appear. To refine the list of MAC addresses, use one or more of the available searches.

Example Zoning config (Cisco)

See MAC addresses for the searchable fields. Select from the drop-down list or enter a value. For example, you can select an interconnect so that only the MAC addresses for that interconnect appear. Or, you can select untagged networks.

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Click Update to filter the MAC addresses based on your search criteria. The gzip CSV file is downloaded to the default download location on your computer. If you have not specified a download location in your browser settings, you are prompted to provide one. Verify the gzip file is in the specified file location. Interconnect Physical interconnects of the logical interconnect.

Primarily learned on the stacking links through the exchange of internal management traffic or through the association with multicast traffic streams. Network Network name.

HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Technology

Interconnect drop-down Select an interconnect from the drop-down list to filter MAC addresses by interconnect.