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Is there a way to record iTunes DRM-protection videos on Mac? you to record online movies and radio, capture games, make video tutorials.

A computer that is booted into a bit kernel can still run bit applications. However, it cannot load bit loadable kernel extension kexts on Mac OS X. A driver that interacts with hardware requires a kext and older versions of National Instruments Mac OS X drivers use bit kexts. If you wish to install the drivers older than the versions listed above on a computer that boots a bit kernel by default, you will need to boot the system into bit kernel mode.

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This can be accomplished by holding down 2 and 3 during boot on computers running Mac OS X The bit kernel is not available with Mac OS X The original MBPs had a silver keyboard and the 32bit units were all but replaced in early So if you purchased your model even in the later course of , then it is a Mac capable of running 64bit.

Also, if you are running Lion, then you are 64bit as Lion does not run on 32bit Macs. Paul Lefebvre Paul Lefebvre 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. System Profiler isn't installed on my machine—or Spotlight can't find it—so this answer won't work for everyone. What is your machine and OS?

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The name was changed to "System Information" a while ago it's in Utilities folder. I did find the System Information app. It would be good to update the answer for the benefit of others. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the "bit Kernel and Extensions" item in the Software section of the System Information app. I'm on v If you are using I have Mac OS X Cristian Ciupitu 4 4 bronze badges.

Greg Cain Greg Cain 2, 1 1 gold badge 14 14 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. This is the best answer in my opinion. Basically if you have anything newer than an MacBook you have a 64 bit processor and OS… Here is the cheat table. Nate Bird Nate Bird 1, 13 13 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. This does't tell the full story but it's a start. That is true. The line is technically blurry because the kernel may only be running in 32 bit mode but everything else is 64 bit. According to another knowledge base article , MacBook Pro from early through mid support the bit kernel, but do not use it by default.

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  7. What Is Bit Computing? This is why most people focus on the address space for a specific program rather than whether the hardware is "bit" or how much of it is "bit" It really doesn't matter until you get to a more specific question. The full output looks something like this: Darwin Macbook-Air. Sridhar Sarnobat 7 7 bronze badges. Pav Pav 91 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge.

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    While this will work, there are several far simpler options that don't require a novice user to enter Terminal. Also this only gives you the arch of the kernel. On a Core2Duo a 64 bit CPU you still only run a 32bit kernel if the bootrom of that machine is not 64bit clean. You can still and should use a 64bit Eclipse on that machine.

    Checking 32 or 64-bit Kernel Boot Mode in Snow Leopard

    But the good thing about this solution is it's cross-platform though yes I know this is the Apple Stackexchange area. CajunLuke CajunLuke The arch command with no arguments will display the machine's architecture type. Michael Granger Michael Granger 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Okay, so they can be forgiven for not including it on launch, but subsequent updates could have rectified this. This is good news for the likes of me.

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    I have yet to verify it personally, but I have seen screen shots confirming my Mac running a bit kernel in Lion. With this being one of the requirements of the Developer Preview 2 of Mountain Lion, it has put me a little more at ease that my Mac should be able to run it. At some point I shall install Lion on my MacBook — probably on an external drive to begin with, so as not to interfere with my current Snow Leopard setup. Then I will be able to see firsthand.

    How to check if your mac can run the snow leopard 64-bit kernel

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