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Is there a way to record iTunes DRM-protection videos on Mac? you to record online movies and radio, capture games, make video tutorials.

This is my process UserB is a standard user not on sudoers list. The problem persists even when giving ownership to UserB as a troubleshooting method. Feb 21, AM. Feb 21, AM in response to junknstuff In response to junknstuff. I tried to change the owner of the HDD to root:wheel without success. Can you tell me what's wrong via the terminal outputs below?

For troubleshooting purposes, I set all permissions to but still get the prompt for Admin password when trying to write any file to any of the linked or non-linked directories. Feb 22, AM. Feb 22, AM in response to junknstuff In response to junknstuff. When you tried what happened. I cannot tell you anything based on a simple directory listing. When you used the "sudo chown I think you need to open your own separate topic since you replied in a 5 month old topic that was long ago dead. Cheers for your input. Feb 22, PM. Question: Q: ssd and hdd setup More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: nsarva1 nsarva1. Question: Q: Question: Q: ssd and hdd setup I have an imac 27 inch late edition. Thank you in advanced. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Kappy Kappy. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. Be sure you retain the fully bootable system on your HDD in case you ever need it. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. If you have backed up your files, you can recover them and transfer them back to the HDD after the cloning process is completed.

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Defrag your HDD optional. Defragging your hard drive reorganizes all the information on your hard drive and makes it easier for your computer to read. Defragging your hard drive before cloning it may help speed up the process. Read "How to Defrag Windows 10" to learn more about how to defrag your hard drive.

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Macrium Reflect is a tool you can download to help you clone your hard drive. It's free for home use. Download and Install Macrium Reflect. Use the following steps to download Macrium Reflect. Click Home Use on the webpage. Click Download in the install wizard Click Yes to allow Macrium to make changes to your device. Type your name and email and click Next. Click Install. Open Macrium Reflect.

Mac Secret Trick - How to Clone Mac Hardrive with Disk Utility HDD SDD MacBook Pro 2010-2018

Macrium Reflect will open automatically after the installation finishes. If you need to open it at a later date, it's the app that has a white circle icon with two blue curved arrows. If asked to create a rescue media, click No if you already backed up your hard drive. If you have not backed up your hard drive, click Yes and follow the instructions.

Click your HDD drive. Marcium displays a list of all the current hard drives you have installed. Click the row that has the your HDD with your Windows installation. Click the checkbox to the left to select all partitions on the disk that may exist. Click Clone this disk. It's below the row with all the partitions on your current HDD.

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Click Select a disk to clone to. It's in the center of the box labeled "Destination" on the bottom. This displays a list of installed drives you can clone to. Click your SSD drive. If your SSD is installed properly, it should be listed in the list of drives you can clone to. If it doesn't have enough space, you may need to delete some more files.

It's at the bottom of Macrium Reflect. Schedule a time to clone the drive optional. Macrium gives you the option to schedule a time to clone your drive. If you wish to do this, click Add Schedule and follow the instruction to create a scheduled clone time. Continue to the next step if you want to proceed immediately. This displays a list of all the partitions that will be cloned to the SSD.

It's in the lower-right corner of the Macrium.

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This process may take several hours to complete. Method 4. Right-click Windows Start. This displays the disk management menu. This displays a list of all your drives installed on your computer. Click Format. After you clone your hard drive, you end up with two drives with identical contents.

You don't need a second drive with a Windows installation. Formatting the hard drive will wipe all the contents from the drive. Make sure all the contents you want to save form this drive are backed up before you format it. Type a name for the drive optional. If you want, you can create a new name for the HDD after it is formatted.

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For example, "Data Drive". A pop-up menu appears asking if you want to backup the hard drive before you format it. It can't be stressed enough how important it is to backup all files you want to keep on a hard drive before you format it. After the format is complete, you will not be able to recover any of the information on it. This confirms that you want to format the drive. Otherwise, you can begin transferring your backed up data back to the HDD. Method 5.

Click the File Explorer. Click the HDD. If you gave it a new label, it will have that label as it's name as well as its drive letter The drive letter is usually "D:" unless you gave it a different letter. Your Quick Access folders are listed in the side bar of the File Explorer. Right-click a blank space in the File Explorer. Click New Click Folder Type a name for the folder i. Documents, Pictures, Videos, ect.

Double-click on the folder. To open the folder, double-click on it. It will most likely be empty. Right-click the address bar. The address bar is long bar at the top of File Explorer that displays the current location of the folder. Right-click the address bar displays a. Click Copy Address.

The copies the current location of the folder. Right-click the corresponding Quick Access folder. For example, if you are creating a folder called "Videos", right-click the "Videos" folder listed under Quick Access in the File Explorer. This displays a drop-down menu for that folder. Click Properties. It's the last option in the drop-down menu when you click on a Quick Access folder in File Explorer.

Click the Location tab. It's one of the tabs at the Properties window. This displays the current location of the Quick Access folder. Paste the location of the new folder in the location bar. The location bar is in the center of the Properties window. Use the following steps to paste the location of the new folder in the location bar.

Click and drag to highlight the entire address. Click Paste. It's in the lower-right corner of the Properties window. This applies the new location to the Quick Access folder. This closes the Properties window. Repeat these steps with all folders in the Quick Access folder.

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This ensures that certain files will be saved to the HDD which has larger hard drive space, instead of the much smaller SSD. You can now paste any files you have saved to these folders to the new location on the HDD. The short answer is no. Mapping two physical drives to one logical drive makes the logical drive a "spanned volume".