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The game offers vast maps onto which you can start building your cities, farm and recover resources.

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Strategy in Sid Meier's Civilization is crucial. Call war too often on your neighbors and you'll soon be annihilated. You'll have to set up trades, develop culture in your civilization and choose your own civic path.

A Full Version Strategy game for Windows

Sid Meier's Civilization will definitely test your organization skills. Gameplay in Sid Meier's Civilization is excellent.

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You control all your actions with your mouse to move characters and keyboards for actions. The game dashboard will provide you with extensive information and stats on your own civilization.

About This Game

Sid Meier's Civilization comes with a wealth of tools, tutorials and resources to master it and even create your own maps. Anyone familiar with the Sid Meier series of games will know that they require a lot of patience, but are very exciting and challenging.

Civilization 4 - BEGINNERS GUIDE - Part 1 - Getting Started

Sid Meier's Civilization gives you the opportunity to dominate the planet and make a civilization evolve through the years. A must! Beautiful 3d world with dozens of fully animated units and totally customizable army.

Detailed cities and wonders will appear on the map. Since the game joined our selection of programs and apps in , it has obtained 26 downloads, and last week it had 2 downloads. It's available for users with the operating system Windows and former versions, and you can get it in English, Spanish, and German. It's a game very heavily used in countries such as United States and Malaysia.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization - Download

Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? History as you know it, is history. Key Features: Faster-Paced Fun — Gameplay has been streamlined for a tighter, faster, and more compelling experience. Greater Accessibility and Ease of Play — An easy-to-use interface will be immediately familiar to RTS and action game players, and newcomers to the series will be able to jump in and play.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV®: The Complete Edition

Tech Tree — Flexible Tech tree allows players more strategic choices for developing their civilizations along unique paths. Multiplayer — LAN, Internet, and Play-By-Email offer players all-new strategies and ways to play when competing or cooperating with live opponents.

Team Play — Whether playing multiplayer or single player, team play offers a new way of setting locked alliances that result in shared wonder effects, visibility, unit trading, and shared territory that delivers a plethora of new strategic and tactical options. Cities and wonders will appear on the map. Wonder movies are back! Mods and Community Tools — Designed from the ground up for modability, the game contains a powerful map editor with XML and Python support.

Choose Your Leader — Most Civilizations now have two leaders from which to choose, with each Leader having traits that provide various bonuses to the player.