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Is there a way to record iTunes DRM-protection videos on Mac? you to record online movies and radio, capture games, make video tutorials.

But the exploit will be irresistable and impossible to prevent. On the other hand its hard to see how they avoid releasing a retail version. Do they only sell upgrades, and make them in some way hardware specific, and reuse bits of the previously installed system, to stop people doing a clean install? It would be a little weird, I would have to go and buy multiple copies, each one hardware specific, in order to update my mini and my imac.

That would be very strange and not very customer friendly. Maybe the mac customers will accept it though. When I bought my iBook G4, Panth was installed on it. A couple months ago I decided to try Tiger. So no, you do not need to buy multiple copies if you have a different CPU type. One install DVD takes care of it all. The core OS components are in separate folders, and I believe all the bundled apps are universal binaries anyways. You will, however, need separate licenses for each of your Macs.

Where are you getting the idea that the retail box for Tiger has x86 binaries? All the Intel Macs already come with Tiger. If you want Apple, buy a Mac and then use Windows software on it. The point is that KDE4 will be available for windows. So why not also khtml or apple webkit. Easy to port. If Safari would not be made available another khtml browser would. We have four www engines these days that matter, opera, IE, gecko and khtml.

How to fix the Counter Strike ‘Available memory less than 15MB’ issue

The irony is that Windows users will be able to get up to date versions of Safari without needing to pay for OS upgrades. Mac users, on the other hand, need to pay for OSX upgrades to get the latest Safari versions. And it doubly-sucks since Apple has stopped releasing general bug fixes for Safari 1. My point was to show that on the windows side they are supporting the latest as they are doing for the OS X. I have never been the biggest fan of Safari, but am very glad to be able to test webpages against it now without having to switch platforms.

Graphically it is pretty nice. On vista, if something is maximized you can throw your mouse into the upper right hand corner, and clicking will close the window. However, safari uses the oldschool tiny iTunes buttons. Not only that, but since the upper corners have that oh-so-attractive curve, clicking in the corner will close any window you have maximized behind it, which is disconcerting to say the least. One thing is nice is that gmail works, which means safari finally has an ajax implementation.

Overall it is pretty much what you would expect. IMHO on vista, if you need a lighterweight browser then FF, IE is the way to go, however this is definately a nice alternative for previous versions. Also, since now it is that much easier to test sites against it, It is some great news for us web developers.

Yep I would have to agree most sites render around 1 to 2 seconds slower on Safari compaired to IE7. I have also noticed that it both Safari processes start out at around 10mb when added together and adds 2 mb for every page you visit after 30 min browsing I was over mb while IE would cap out at around 73 mb as to this I am not sure if they are caching the pages into ram like ff.

Safari has a default setting that prevents it from displaying content before everything can be rendered in one go. On the other hand, considering I primarily use Konqueror on my linux boxen, and primarily use linux as my desktop, wtf do I know? Now that Apple is making Safari for Windows, maybe they will give it some more attention. But maybe the new version of Safari will be better. I like the page snap back function, nice.

Under history. Since Leopard Server can compile and run all your existing UNIX compliant code, it can be deployed in environments that demand full conformance. I think the best part of what was announced is the overhaul to Finder at long last :p. I just installed Safari. Oh, quit Firefox fanboying!!!! The Apple website says that Safari on Windows is ,x faster than Firefox!!!!!!!! It had to have been some well-planned code that the devs knew Safari could render exceptionally quickly, and they had to have exploited rendering-speed bugs in Opera.

Maybe they were comparing the Mac rendering times with the PC rendering times. I am running Safari 3. It may not be objective because they could have optimized the rendering for these test, but my limited experience tends to confirm the results with one exception — the Safari. On the other hand the public beta of Safari seemed to be a bit slower. Hopefully this will be fixed with the next release. I think the main reason they released Safari for Windows is because they expect many people will be using Safari on the iPhone, and they can then use the same browser on any machine at home, Windows or Mac.

Then factor in, sooner or later, that iPods themselves will be running Wifi and Safari. Between all these combinations, Safari can become one of the most used browsers in the world, eventually challenging IE. Yeah but… where did they get their results timing from? The Beta version. IPhone third party apps are going to be safari based. Therefore, windows based developper need safari to test heir app against. Simple, really. This has not much to do with swotching or getting more market share, Apple could not care less about the browser market. Will Safari for Windows be available because the same technical improvements made on Qt4 and KDE4 about code portability?

This news actually got me to reboot into Windows to try it out. Honestly, using this is pushing me to getting a Mac. If only I had the money…. The way words are highlighted really stand out as the whole page dims, and having a count of matched items is quite handy. Thank you. The words really stand out as the whole page dims, and the words are outlined and shadowed compared to just placing a colour highlight over them.

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Also, firefox is lacking the count of found matches. Welcome to , Finder! Seriously, this was one thing that bugged me to death. The Javascript engine has bugs. I think Safari does not render glyphs from windows, rather by itself, which is not a good idea. If so, that is insane. I tried safari on windows. I would prefer native widgets. But I bet the windows-OS-X-wannabes will go wild over this.

Cs 1 6 available memory less than 15mb fix

For me, it crashed by just typing in the searchbox at apple. Tiger, and even Vista are looking that old compared to Leopard in my opinion! I thought only G3s would have been dropped from support. Oh well, I have Debian on my iBook anyway. Looks like Piles turned into Stacks and are now part of Leopard. Writing this in Safari 3 on Windows XP. Speaking of which, it seems that it takes Vista a lot longer to install Safari than XP.

But overall, I have been having a good time with speeds and stability with Safari, though I guess time will tell. Now I can test my sites against Safari as well well when it is finalized. As for speed. It is pretty cool all the same. Or a spell checker at all? They mention DTrace, another technology taken from OpenSolaris. You forget that Leopard IS just that, an update. A revolutionary new operating system completely different would be Mac OS 11… but seeing that this is just a.

Developers will obviously be more in tune with new features behind the scenes, as system admins compared to the average user.

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Im sure glad I spent my money! It runs on both. Nowhere does it say Leopard will run on 32 bit machines. All they said was that it will run 32 bit apps. Plain and simple they lied out their ass to get everyone who isnt 64 bit to buy a 64 bit machine. The prices of 32 bit Macs on Ebay and Craiglist are already lower. For goodness sake, screw your head on. It would be commercial suicide to make Leopard bit only. There are still a majority of 32 bit Macs out there by a long shot. Man how dumb are you really, Tiger already has some 64bit functionality.

For the record yes I have confirmed this with a source at apple. Just for the record the feature complete version the handed out runs beautifully on a MBP core duo.

What did they do, port half of OSX over as windows runtimes? On the same hardware it seems like the UI is more responsive even with the goof assed animated bullshit under windows than OSX…. This is a huge boon to web developers. Though I do think the name is stupid. After playing with it for a bit, it feels fairly fast, and the memory footprint has not yet reached firefox like levels. More exciting is what was the stuff from id Software. I hope they put a strong focus on the Mac. Hopefully I will be able to buy one box and be able to put it on either a Mac or PC from the get go. Never has there been anything wrong with a little competition.

The reasons for releasing a Windows port seem obvious. As I see it more and more people on the Mac side make the switch from Safari to Firefox. Apple needs more Safari users to make sure that web developers remain incented to deliver decent Safari support. Now that Safari has been ported to run on Windows, it seems obvious that parts of Cocoa have also. This is a good thing for Mac users because this might mean that iTunes will be ported over to Cocoa as well. Did you actually look at those WC3 errors? They where basically all pedantic niggles which should have no effect on a browser even a beta browser to render the site.

I suggest you check your machines, my Safari on Vista works like a treat on OSNews, with the old version and the new version. By trying to make screenshots of google. The end result is big, bloated pages that are broken cross browser, and worse make finding errors the proverbial needle in a haystack. See the release of IE7 and FF 2.

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  8. Seriously, if you cannot be bothered to write valid code on any NEW website in this day and age, back away from the keyboard and take up macrame weaving — quit dragging the rest of us back to SO MANY web developers have let their skills stagnate at that level, and worse are preaching all sorts of nonsense that no longer applies to the young…. Remember, the day you think you have nothing new to learn or are unable to embrace the new, is the day the rest of the world leaves you behind.

    One should code to all browsers at once, and a first step for that is validating your code.

    DGAVCDec Free Download - VideoHelp

    I have installed Safari on Parallels with XPSP2 running and all but one page that contained embedded streaming video worked perfectly. You people need to get a life honestly. The first thing I wanted to test was its handling of resizeable webpages, but it was disconcertingly inconvenient to resize the damn thing. Safari has scrambled menus on my machine.

    Maybe safari is expecting a font I dont have? In fact, as I type this, random characters are corrupting weird artifacted glyhps. Some lag while the page is loading in the background until its ready to be fully displayed. Apple has used its own font engine. Personally, Cleartype is superior to every other font engine I have seen with linux and skyos sharing a close second.

    Safari is very quick. The UI is very good for cross platform.

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    I wonder what they are using? Sticking with firefox for now, but kudos to Apple for bringing some competition. I hope they fix some of these bugs and allow the native font engine to work. On the Mac, they do offer subpixel hinting as an option — I am somewhat surprised to see it not listed as a choice under windows…. I know iTunes under OSX requires both SSE2 and SSE3 unless you hack the tar out of it, and even then it never quite runs right — and Rosetta likewise requires it… if we are looking at some form of API wrapper and port of significant portions of OSX, that could be the cause of people seeing slowdowns.

    It could also be a 2d video acceleration issue. I know SIS video chipsets for example have rendering problems on bold and italic fonts if their 2d acceleration is turned up all the way. I will just attribue my random bugs in Safari to beta code. I told him they really looked fine at my end, so I got him to send me a screenie. Turns out he was on safari, and they were an unreadable aliased mess. Played with the font a bit and got it working nice on safari, but it got me wondering, how often do I make sites that look like garbage to the average mac user?

    As a rule of thumb, I figured since FF is so standards compliant if it works there, then all I need to do is check for IE bugs. From recent experience, I am finding that there are FAR more safari bugs, and I am really glad that I can test for them now. They hold up Firefox as a shining example of standards compliance….

    What that you say? What about display:inline-block? Of course, that hits the other problem — people still bending over backwards to support IE 5. We still going to try and support IE 5. To hell with that. Anyone who thinks that firefox is standards compliant enough to test only for it, then bloat the crap out of your code to support IE… well, do us all a favor, go back to coding MySpace pages and leave real websites to the professionals. I am not talking about full implementations of specifications, I am talking about standard stuff. It has been my experience that if you write against FF, you get far less problems with the others.

    JS being an exception. What I was talking about is that everyone is used to IE having lots of rendoring bugs, and everyone knows how to work around them. Nowadays, I am finding that IE really isnt doing that bad, and that out of the bunch I am getting more wierd problems from Safari then anything else. If you have problems with IE5 on mac, then it is your own damn fault at this point. For most websites, I wont bother with that kind of thing. Which is the opposite of my own experience with it compared to other browsers.

    I guess I could accept that, as long as we are talking about IE7. Three out of the five years experience I mentioned was writing an intranet webapp specifically for IE. I made sure my pages worked on FF cause the dev tools pwnd at the time , but never really tested against opera until recently, and only against safari very recently. Since my few run-ins with safari have been quite frustrating, I may have gotten the wrong impression about it. I had just redone a few layout issues on my local machine, but hadnt finished. Turns out I had forgotten to use the css, and both safari and FF aligned to the left.

    Opera and IE both centered it, even though I was in standards mode for the page. So, ignore my earlier comment about layout bugs, it was really just my own stupidity. If you are going to attempt centering, use auto margins — If you are concerned about supporting IE 5. Remember — semantic markup. Anything in the html should say what it is, not how it looks. How it looks is what CSS is for. The UI is old and overused. And Safari needs a makeover. The idea of putting buttons next to tabs in IE7 was brilliant.

    App UI space well used. Plus they actually made the sidebar in browsers worth using. I toggle off the MenuBar. Opera 9. TLS 1. This recommendation applies to SQL Server , , and If you use a SQL Server database, you may need to make more disk space available. The amount and location of additional space depends on which drive SQL Server uses, database maintenance requirements, and other database settings.

    One virtual socket and one core per socket at 1 GHz minimum one virtual socket and two cores per socket at 2 GHz recommended. Disk space requirements depend on the type of client you install, which drive you install to, and where the program data file resides. Available disk space is always required on the system drive, regardless of which installation drive you choose. Space requirements are based on NTFS file systems. Additional space is also required for content updates and logs.

    However, the installer still needs the full MB to be available on the alternate installation drive during installation. These figures assume that the program data folder is on the system drive. For more detailed information, or for the requirements of the other client types, see the Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Windows system requirements. Note : If you intend to upgrade to macOS For a list of supported operating system kernels, see Supported Linux kernels for Symantec Endpoint Protection.

    You can use the following graphical desktop environments to view the Symantec Endpoint Protection for Linux client:. Windows Server RTM bit Desktop operating systems are not supported. The following browsers are supported for web console access to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and for viewing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Help: Microsoft Edge Note: The bit version Windows 10 does not support web console access on the Edge browser.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Mozilla Firefox 5. As of See the following for more information: TLS 1.